Tune list:


1. Scotland the Brave 
2. The Green Hills of Tyrol /When The Battle Is O’er 
3. Pachelbel’s Canon 
4. Sands of Kuwait 
5. The Ash Grove/Crags of Tumbledown Mountain 
6. A Midsummer’s Pipe Dream
7. Highland Cathedral 
8. Ruby Grant
9. A Man’s A Man For A’ That 
10. The Dark Island 
11. Corriechollies’ Welcome to the Northern Meeting/Teribus/Atholl Highlanders/Glasgow City Police Pipers
12. The Waltz Set (Piper’s Waltz/Ass in the Graveyard)
13. Ode to Joy
14. All the Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border
15. Ass in the Graveyard 
16. Il Silenzio
17. Amazing Grace / God Bless America




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In celebration of its 80th anniversary, the Southern Oregon Scottish has released its first album,


The First 80 Years. 


This 17-track CD combines traditional bagpipe favorites and original tunes with classical Baroque chamber music and Latin rhythms.

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